IWD: Proud of our all-female business 

Today is International Women’s Day, a day that celebrates women and their achievements, as well as their suffering and fight for balance and equality. As an all-female business, we are certainly grateful for all the freedom and opportunities that have been given to us.

I always feel especially proud and grateful on this day; proud of myself for what I’ve achieved; proud of my fantastic all-female staff for their dedication and hard work; and proud of all my beautiful, creative and talented girlfriends, making their mark in the world.


Most of all though, I’m grateful for the freedom and for the opportunity to be where I am today; to have been educated to a high level; to have had the freedom to choose my own career and to move to this beautiful country I now call my home and build my own business and future.

At Home in Andalusia has now been running for over 12 years, an all-female business that has weathered the difficult times and continues to develop and thrive with an ever-changing market.

As a woman in real estate, I understand both the practical and emotional needs of house-hunters; particularly those moving countries and looking for their dream home in an unfamiliar environment.

The vast majority of buyers who contact us for initial viewings are women and it’s widely thought to be women who are the decision-makers in buying a property.  While this may or may not be the case, I think, as women in this market, we offer knowledge, capability, balance and efficiency, as do some of our male counterparts, but we also understand and are happy to talk about the emotional side of buying a house, which is hugely important in such a life-changing decision.


This International Women’s Day, I’d like to say thank you to all my gorgeous staff, congratulations to all those women making their mark in the world, and to give strength to all those who are still working towards the same freedom and opportunities many of us take for granted.


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