Running around El Valle de Lecrín

If you’re a lover of country running and like a bit of a challenge, then the Lecrin Valley has routes aplenty and lots of fabulous scenery, sights and sounds to distract you from the hills! Local runner and our new colleague, Catherine Walkley tells us why she loves running around El Valle de Lecrín…

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Lecrin Valley Properties to Fall in Love with this Valentine’s Weekend

Especially for you on this Valentine’s Weekend, we have a selection of picture perfect Lecrin Valley properties to fall in love with.

From coastal luxury to village bijou, there’s a something out there for everyone. Which will be your perfect match?

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The times they are a-changin’…

This summer has been all about following your dreams, as we met so many new customers who had decided they needed change: a change of location and a change of lifestyle. For the majority, that meant less buzz, more space and a sense of community, which the Lecrin Valley has in abundance.

Many properties have already changed hands over the last couple of months, but while you may have missed out on some opportunities, there are still some fantastic homes to be discovered.  We recently took on five new houses for sale. Two were snapped up within the first week, but we have three lovely homes left to present, so here’s a short introduction on each…

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Walking the GR-7 trail through the Lecrin Valley

If you’re a keen rambler or just an occasional walker, you may have heard of the GR-7, a famous walking route that extends throughout Europe, passing through some of the most beautiful countryside our continent has to offer.   You may not know, however, that part of the GR-7 goes through our own, very lovely Lecrin Valley. 

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