The times they are a-changin’…

This summer has been all about following your dreams, as we met so many new customers who had decided they needed change: a change of location and a change of lifestyle. For the majority, that meant less buzz, more space and a sense of community, which the Lecrin Valley has in abundance.

Many properties have already changed hands over the last couple of months, but while you may have missed out on some opportunities, there are still some fantastic homes to be discovered.  We recently took on five new houses for sale. Two were snapped up within the first week, but we have three lovely homes left to present, so here’s a short introduction on each…

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Follow your dreams: Four new houses for sale in the Lecrin Valley

We have been truly uplifted by the (rather unexpected) busy return after the end of Lockdown. While Lecrin Valley sales can often driven by the overseas market, the domestic market has led the way this year, as Spanish city residents discover they can work from home and are able to realise their dream of living in a more natural environment, surrounded by the beauty and space of this gorgeous region. 

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The end of “estado de alarma” and the welcome start of summer

This weekend, the sun reached its highest point in the sky, we had our longest day and summer officially started in the northern hemisphere. It was also, very happily, the weekend that the ‘state of alarm’ officially ended in Spain. Until further notice, we will now live under the rather awkwardly-named “new normal”, but in Andalucia, this will not be quite the same as in the rest of the country.

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Find your future home in the Lecrin Valley for €85K or less!

If you’ve been thinking about following your dreams and buying a (holiday) home in the Spanish sunshine, but have a limited budget, you may think that your ‘place in the sun’ is still out of reach… Wrong! We have 10 village houses in the heart of our beautiful Lecrin Valley, ready to move into right now, for €85,000 or less!

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Alphons and Rogier: a year on from taking the plunge!

In 2018, we sold this lovely couple from The Netherlands an existing business with holiday accommodation on the outskirts of Durcal in the Lecrin Valley. Eighteen months later, we pay them a visit to see how they have found working and living in Spain and dealing with the unfortunate current circumstances with the Covid travel restrictions.

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