This Weekend: Get hiking to discover the Lecrin Valley

If you’ve got nothing planned this weekend, how about going on a lovely guided hike, following the best route in the Valley (in our opinion!), the Ruta de los Barrancos along the Río Santo to the Barranco de la Luna, Saleres?

Every first Sunday of the month, El Valle’s Ayuntamiento hosts “Comete el Valle”, a program that aims to deliver entertainment, enjoyment and education of different parts of the area – all in one day (or more accurately, a morning).


Each Sunday starts with a breakfast of local produce, followed by a guided walk to a different destination each time. This weekend, it’s the turn of Saleres – with the hike to the Barranco de la Luna.

The Lecrin Valley has long been a very popular destination for walking/hiking (el senderismo) and has many interesting, beautiful and historic routes throughout the Valley and up to the Alpujarras.

Barranco means ravine or gorge in Spanish and the Lecrin Valley is peppered with fabulous ravines, dating back to tectonic activity around 15 million years ago that created various fault lines in the area.

This Sunday’s hike to the Barranco De la Luna is a cool and lovely route to take at this time of year and includes a very refreshing path along the Rio Santo and through the pools found along the ravine.

The beautiful gorge is very high-sided and includes amazing colours, fossils, diverse vegetation and lots of refreshing cool air. Perfect for summer.

You must sign up to be able to go on the hike.

Tickets are just €6 per person (free for under 10s), including breakfast.

Find out more information on the day and register for your ticket HERE. You will need to create a user ID (with your NIE and password). You can also email or call the Ayuntamiento – email: Tel: 958 793 003.



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