Review of 2021 and why we broke all sales records this year

Grateful for another year in good health and with positive business results, we look back on 2021.

Despite still living with the current pandemic, we have managed to enjoy the good things in life once again. We are very fortunate here in the Lecrin Valley where, every now and then, it is possible to distance yourself from the rest of the world…

The beautiful nature that surrounds us and the outdoor sports and leisure activities provide so much joy and energy.

The Valley’s small village communities make you feel accepted and looked after,  and we are very lucky to have a wonderful mild climate that allows us to enjoy the outdoors, eat, drink and socialise on the many outdoor terraces all year round.

Before you start thinking we’re lazy sods, living a work-free dream, I’ll pop that bubble, because we’ve been crazy busy as the upward trend that started in the second half of last year has continued with a vibrant real estate market as a result.

As far as At Home in Andalusia is concerned, we celebrated our 15th anniversary this year and have broken every sales record to date, which naturally came with working more hours than ever, but it was a welcome compensation for a very difficult 2020 and we are grateful for the upward trend in the market in general, and the boom in the local market in particular.

In Spain, the Housing Index is measured by the price of home ownership of the property market per square metre. The index averaged €1,206.42 per m2 from 1987 to 2020 and increased to €1,661.60 euros per m2 in the third quarter of this year.

The table below from The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, clearly shows this upward trend.

In the Lecrin Valley, we are experiencing the same trend and prices are expected to keep steadily increasing in the year to come. With the remaining villages having been connected to Fibre Optic Internet this year, it’s the ideal environment to immerse yourself in a rural setting, yet with all mod cons and necessary technology to make a living.

The nationality of our buyers this year has been a mixture of domestic and foreign. We are still selling remotely to those who can´t travel in time, and the most popular type of houses are the ones with plenty of outdoor space, ready to move into, ideally with a garden and a pool. If you own that type of property and you are aiming to sell, please let us know, as we have people waiting, ready to buy!

There is also a high demand for village houses up to €150,000 with patio/ terraces and views, and many have sold before we had the chance to advertise online, and we have plenty more buyers waiting for their perfect match to come on the market.

Expansion of our dream team

Due to all that extra work, we needed to expand our team and Catherine Walkley joined us in May this year. We are very pleased with her dedication, professionalism and positive attitude, and many of our clients have already had the pleasure of getting to know her.

All in all, after this busy and successful year, we are very much looking forward to the Christmas holidays for a well-deserved rest, so that we can continue making dreams come true next year, with fresh energy and dedication.

For your information, the last working day of our office this year is on December 24th, and we’ll return on January 10th, recharged and ready to help many more buyers find their dream home in the prettiest valley of Andalusia. 

Happy holidays and see you in the New Year!

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