Albuñuelas street art is a community collaboration for the future

If you’re familiar with the lovely village of Albuñuelas, and have been there recently, you may have seen a fantastic piece of urban art that has appeared along the road going into the village.

This amazing graffiti collaboration that depicts the village and its younger generation was the concept of Mayor JOSE DIAZ ALCANTARA.

When the new walls along the road into the village were being constructed, the mayor thought it would be lovely idea to make them colourful and welcoming, creating a community-designed mural that welcomes visitors into the village.

The Department of Youth of Albuñuelas (la Concejalía de Juventud del Ayuntamiento de Albuñuelas) organised a group of volunteers, and invited well knownUrban Artist,  Jordi “13ALC” to help them realise their ideas. 13ALC set up and led a  Youth Graffiti Workshop to teach the young participants the techniques of graffiti or urban art and undertake the painting of the new mural.

The Youth Graffiti Workshop was a huge success with participation from 21 youngsters from the village of Albuñuelas,  aged from 7 to 14 years.

The design for this amazing piece of street art is a unique collaboration between 13ALC and the children themselves, with the underlining message that the kids are the future of the village and therefore key to the development of the houses and the success of the village itself.

Every one of the participants collaborated on the mural from the get-go, either designing, sketching and planning out figures, colouring them or assisting with the use of materials and helping the artist.

The residents of Albunuelas and local groups and council are hugely proud of the achievement of this very special group of volunteers and grateful to 13ALC for his dedication to the project.

The Albunelas mural has quickly become a talking point of the area and is something of which the village can be extremely proud.  It will no doubt be added to over the years and set to become a feature of this lovely village for generations to come.

Read all about the project on the Guadalfino blog here. 

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