The charming little village of Chite is one of the Lecrin Valley’s smaller villages with only around 300 inhabitants. It’s beautifully looked after and kept to the highest standards by the residents.  Its tiny streets wind down the hill towards the lower barrio, cemetery, citrus orchards and olive groves.  Don’t drive down too far if you don’t know where you’re going because you’ll probably get stuck! There is plenty of parking up at the top!

The village is built on the side of a hill leading to the orchards below that lead down to Lake Beznar. Separated into two barrios, the barrio alto and barrio bajo (best reached from the other end of Talara), the village winds down from the mirador seats at the entrance of the upper village with incredible views down to Lake Beznar and the dam, past the plaza and down Calle San Segundo into Calle Fuerte or Carniceria until you start on the sharp descent into the lower barrio, past the church and into the orchards beyond.

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Chite’s recent claim to fame is Jose Guerrero, the artist, who grew up in the village with his siblings and grandmother, but there are a number of historic buildings dotted around the village: Three ancient mills that date back to the Moors; one dating back to Roman times and one that became part of the Spanish Inquisition, el Molino de la Inquisicion. There is also a 500-year-old house that was previously used by the Spanish Royal Family as a holiday residence and an old moorish castle, the Castillo de Morisco.

While Chite doesn’t have its own shops or restaurants, it’s only a short walk into Talara/Lecrin with all its bars, restaurants and supermarkets. The village does however have a great little bar up by the plaza, that sells drinks, tapas, ice lollies and sweets for the kids. It also has the wonderful Sandpit Gallery owned by resident artist Gym Halama. Only open at certain times it’s a wonderful venue that hosts regular viewings and events – click here.

Community life in Chite is strong and their fiesta (first weekend in June) is one of the best around, albeit crammed into a tiny space!

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For those partial to some exercise, aside from the workouts you’ll get walking up and down the hills, Chite also boasts a great gym and modern fitness centre run by the Ayuntamiento de Lecrin – the gimnasio municipal – and located in the cultural building in the upper barrio (Calle Concejal Antonio García Martín).  You’d never know it was there unless you happen to be walking past and hear a spin class in session!

Every evening, families congregate up on the plaza, with the children playing on the basketball court and parents chatting on the benches. The older members of the community take their spots on the benches at the mirador, chewing the fat and looking out over the valley, while they wait for their dinner!

It’s a lovely place to both live and visit.

Read about Chite in an interview with Gym Halama on the Lecrin Valley website Click here.

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