Don’t miss the wonderful FIAPMSE Music Festival 2019 – now on in Nigüelas

Every year, Nigüelas becomes the centre of the wonderful FIAPMSE-Festival, a music festival that brings together young musicians from around the world, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents through a series of free musical concerts. The festival is now underway and will run until August 11th.

The Forum was originally founded in 2005, and was originally supposed to move around different locations, but due to the wonderful welcome and interest of the residents of Nigüelas and the Lecrin Valley, it made Nigüelas its permanent home.

Local residents are known to be people of great musical tradition, who truly appreciate and enjoy the Festival with its diverse musical styles, which are presented as solo concerts, duets, quartets and full orchestras, often accompanying other art forms, such as dance, painting, photography and poetry.


Residents and visitors to the Lecrin Valley are incredibly lucky to have this opportunity to experience some truly wonderful and world-class music in this magical and historic village – all for free! It’s definitely not to be missed.

You can download the full festival itinerary of the FIAPMSE Festival HERE, in the form of a PDF document.

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