Busy times – the perfect time to buy your slice of Lecrin Valley heaven

It´s been a busy spring, particularly the last few weeks since Easter, when, despite the deluges of the rain that swept through Spain (and not just on the plain!), many people came out to view houses and it hasn´t stopped since! Thankfully, the rain has stopped though, and it has left the valley beautifully green and full of flowers.

We’re very happy to report that a few families have indeed managed to find their dream home in the Lecrin Valley and we are still actively looking for properties for others, from all parts of Europe as well as the UK. Despite (or possibly because of) the Brexit chaos, British people are most definitely still looking to buy. The exchange rate is still pretty decent and a fair bit higher than it was this time last year.

(UK) clients are always amazed at how efficient the Spanish purchase process can be, compared to the process in their own country and especially England. As soon as you find the right house and have agreed on the price, the solicitor usually only needs two weeks for all the legal searches and drawing up the contract.

On signing the contract that agrees the sale/purchase – the ‘compra venta’ – you pay 10% deposit and the property gets taken off the market with a date set by which time the purchase must complete with any conditions set out in the contract. The average time between signing the contract and completion is 30 days, as long as finances are in place.

Of course there are some cases that take a longer (and some shorter) time to complete but the vast majority are pretty quick. At Home in Andalusia has a policy whereby we do not market properties until we have checked that they are legally registered and informed about any necessary updates. This saves a lot of time and hassle and means that all properties we sell are ready to go quickly and efficiently. Not all agents insist on this, so make sure this is a question you ask straight away.

Once the deeds (escritura) are signed in front of a notary and the balance has been paid, (which is done simultaneously), you get the keys and you can start to enjoy your new place in the sun!

Electricity and water generally don´t get disconnected, so the house is ready to use the same day and the contracts get signed over into your name (by your solicitor or by us) straight after you become the new owner.

If you have any questions about the process of buying in the Lecrin Valley, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. In the meantime, hop onto our main site to look at all the incredible properties we have on offer and even better, get on one of the frequent flights to Malaga or Granada, and get to know this beautiful part of Spain in person. We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

Hasta luego.

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